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Fox Casting Finger Stall (ambidextrous)

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Fox Session Bivvy Table

Fox Bolt Bubbles

- Complete With Swivels and Anti-Tangle Sleeves
- Low-Profile
- Transparent
- 2 per pack

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Fishing for surface feeding carp can be frustrating at the best of times with standard controllers being either too visible or providing a poor hooking mechanism. The Bolt Bubble is the first bubble style float specifically developed for targeting surface feeding carp. The streamlined, pear drop design pushes the weight forward to make long distance casting easy, while providing a pronounced bolt effect to taking fish.

Fox Bolt Bubbles are designed to sit low, level in the water and due to their transparency and ultra-low profile are extremely unobtrusive. The casting weight is easily adjusted via a pair of moulded rubber grommets which plug into the surface of the float. These allow the float to be filled with the required quantity of water for long range casting or increased bolt resistance.

The float is designed to be assembled in-line which together with the front and rear tapered sleeves provides excellent tangle free casting. The hooklink swivel is pulled back into the rubber at the nose of the float to secure it tightly - this provides superb hooking properties while also ensuring the hooklink can pull free in the event of a snag. Fox Bolt Bubbles are supplied with a pair of tapered anti-tangle sleeves which virtually eliminate tangles when pushed over the swivel eye.

Available in 3 sizes, complete with the correct size swivels and anti-tangle sleeves.

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