Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin-Procastangling

Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin

Fox Black Label Slim Weights - 5g-Procastangling

Fox Black Label Slim Weights - 5g

Fox Black Label Stealth Bobbin

- Machined aluminium body
- Memory-free 6in super soft black Dacron cord
- Machined black aluminium hockey stick connection
- Cord can be shortened
- Narrow mid-section with isotope viewing slots
- Ideal for slack line fishing at short range
- Features unique Black Label Slik Bobbin Clip
- Available in multiple clip colours
- Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, White and Black
- Easy line tension adjustment
- Weighs 5g

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Fox's Black Label range of bank ware brings the quality and commitment to perfection you'd expect from one of angling's leading brands into the smallest elements of your tackle kit, so that you can be sure that every aspect of your angling set up is designed and crafted to give you the best fishing experience, whatever your discipline, and wherever you find yourself.

Featuring a sleek, machined aluminium body and hockey stick connection, with a 6”, memory-free, supersoft black Dacron cord, the Fox Black Label Stealth Bobbin gives you the ability to see the glow of your isotopes from any angle, and easily adjust your line tension to suit short to medium range fishing, ensuring that your bankside style carries effortlessly through into angling performance.

As Europe's leading independent tackle brand, you might expect Fox to sit back and relax, simply offering the same products that have made them a household name, perhaps with a few tweaks to keep them up to date. But that's not what took Fox from its humble Essex beginnings to the premier position the brand enjoys today. Fox is a brand committed to constant innovation and improvement, regularly bringing out ranges such as the Black Label range that address unique, specific angling needs, and enable anglers of all disciplines and levels of experience to take their fishing to the edge, and beyond.

An exemplary range within a range, the Stealth elements of the Black Label range cannot be used with other bank ware from outside the Stealth grouping, but can be used with all other Stealth products to create the ultimate bankside set up. If you're looking for high performance, durability, and style, from an angling brand you can trust, with a functionality that's bang up to date, then the Black Label Range from Fox is everything you need.

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