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Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin

- New dual purpose Slik Clip for improved bobbins sensitivity
- Especially effective when fishing with slack lines
- Offers fully adjustable tension
- Can also be used the more traditional free-running way
- Supplied with a 3ins Black Ball Chain, a Slim Head and Hockey Stick

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If you’re an angler who likes a bite indicator that is effective and highly reliable then you’ll love the Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin. Supplied with a 3 inch black ball chain, a slim bobbin head, a hockey stick, and a Slik clip, this is a bite indicator which is ready to use with any free running setup – whether you’re slack or tight line fishing. As with the rest of the Fox Black Label range, the Slik Bobbin is completely customisable and it is totally compatible with the full range of Fox Black Label bite indicators. This means you can modify between a small or large bobbin head, a long or short chair, or a stick setup for extremely windy conditions. With the Fox Black Label Bobbin range, the choice really is in your hands.

The Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin comes in seven colours (red, orange, purple, white, green, blue, and gunsmoke). This ensures that you can match up your bite indicator setup with your bite alarms or other tackle items. The Slik bobbin clip offers a completely adjustable tension. This means that it is perfect for use slack line fishing or distance fishing, as you can really customise it to your angling style. The adjustable tension means that you can go from thick fluorocarbon line to thin braided line with ease – simply adjust the tension on the clip to get the perfect grip on your line.

Another of the key benefits of fishing with the Slik clip as opposed to a traditional bobbin clip is that the clip stays attached to the line at all times whilst still allowing for a free running line setup. This is because the line clips in at the base of the clip, so when you get a run the line will pull from this base clip in order to run freely in the middle section of the clip. However, should the bite drop back at all your bobbin will still be attached to your line. This not only protects your line, as it allows the line to move freely and easily through the clip without resistance, but it also allows you to be fully aware of what is going on under the surface of the water. In fact, the only time your bobbin will detach is when you’ve pock up your rod to respond to a bite. This ensures that you have the kind of ultra-sensitive setup that you require when you’re slack line fishing, as a take might not be so immediately apparent if the carp has a little line to play with.

The Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin has been designed to complement the full range of Fox Black Label bankware. This means that if you’re someone who likes all your gear to match then you’ll be able to perfectly pair these bobbins with your existing set up. However, these bobbins are so good looking that that will in fact complement any bankware setup – whether you use all black bankware or you have a more traditional stainless setup.

Fox International has been awarding winning tackle for the dedicated carp angler for more than half a century. The brand prides itself on its dual ethos of innovation and practicality and it always seeks to create unique high performance products that really do revolutionise life on the bank. The brand started off as a one man workshop but demand quality outstripped supply and today the company is the largest independently owned tackle manufacturer in Europe. If you’re looking for a highly sensitive and customisable bobbin setup then you need look no further than the Black Label Slik Bobbin from Fox.

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