Drennan Soft stretch Anchors-Procastangling

Drennan Soft stretch Anchors

ESP Syncro XT Loaded Mainline-Procastangling

ESP Syncro XT Loaded Mainline

ESP Syncro XT Standard Mainline

- Fast sinking mono
- Optimum stretch
- Slick surface finish for distance casting
- Excellent abrasion resistance
- Super high knot strength
- Low visibility smoke green colour
- Supplied on a 1000m spool

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The Drennan brand has a reputation for outstanding quality across its range of high performance angling accessories, and this monofilament line certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Wherever you’re fishing, you’ll encounter underwater snags and hazards. Running up against these repeatedly, cast after cast, especially when already under strain from a strong, running fish, can rapidly degrade your line, costing you a significant amount, over the course of your angling life, in replacement line – money which could be better spent on top end tackle, such as rods and reels, or a good quality camera to capture those perfect bankside moments. With exceptional abrasion resistance, and extra tough coating (that’s what the XT stands for), this line will last you session after session, giving you an unrivalled angling experience.

With an already impressive breaking strain, this line can be further improved, with careful knotting giving you up to 8lbs more breaking strain than is listed on the box, ideal for those times we’ve all experienced, when something that feels far too big for the venue you’re on comes up, grabs your hookbait, and pretty much takes your line with it, or an average-weight fish decides to really put on a show out in deep water.

Designed to sink quickly, this line will provide minimal disturbance on any venue, and give your quarry absolutely no reason to suspect anything is amiss when they start grubbing around your hookbait. Time after time, session after session, this line takes you out where you need to be to bring in the results you want.

Optimum stretch creates a flexible, versatile, resilient line that will stand up to almost anything a feisty fish or strong current can throw at it, and lessen the likelihood of your new personal best having to be chalked up as “the one that got away.”

With a slick surface for subtle, accurate distance casting, soaking the bulk spool overnight slackens the line, allowing you to wind on and cast out with truly superb line lay, avoiding frustrating tangles in your line.

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