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ESP Rubber Shock Beads

- These rubber shock beads have a shaped internal core
- Ensures a snug fit over leads and swivels.
- 25 per packet
- 5mm Bead fits perfectly fits over 0.5mm silicone
- Great for heli or chod rigs
- 8mm Beads are perfect for running rigs
- Durable

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These Rubber Shock Beads have a multitude of uses from creating helicopter and chod rigs to being used as a buffer bead for running lead and marker setups

The 5mm Rubber Shock Beads are designed to fit perfectly over the top of 0.5mm silicone tubing when used on leadcore for helicopter and chod rigs. In the event of a break, the top bead will push off the silicone tube and with its enlarged bore, the bead is then free to pass over the leader knot.

The 8mm Rubber Shock Beads are made from an extra tough polymer and provide the perfect shock absorber when used in running lead and marker float setups. The tapered bore provides a perfect snug fit for the eye of a size 9 swivel.

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