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Drennan Speedex Carp Net Heads

- Open mesh sides for reduced drag
- Mover through the water with ease
- Extra strong, rigid and lightweight
- Sealed alloy spreader block
- Deep enough to scoop up large carp
- Durable mesh is extremely soft and kind to the fish

As low as £20.95
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The Drennan Speedex Carp Landing Net has been designed in order to enable you to comfortably scoop up large carp on commercial venues, as well as a huge range of smaller species that you might encounter whilst carp fishing. Drennan is a brand that understands that if you are an angler who regularly targets small to mid sized species then there is no point using up your vital boot and barrow space with huge 40 inch nets. This is why these Speedex Carp Landing Nets are available in three smaller sizes. The smallest 16 inch is perfect for the junior angler as well as for all your winter angling when you’re going to encounter smaller fish. The mid-sized 18 inch net is perfect for a huge variety of fish, species, and scenarios. The largest 20 inch size is perfect for the angler who likes to land the largest commercial carp, as well as still water barbel.

It’s not only the size of the net that has been uniquely designed to give expert results. The net also boasts a dual mesh, which offers the perfect combination between manoeuvrability and fish care. The sides of the net are fitted with a wide mesh, which allows for excellent water flow and reduced drag. This is especially useful when you’re fishing in rivers with a fast flow as it ensures that you can enjoy unrestricted manoeuvrability. The base of the net is fitted with a dense micro mesh. This was initially designed to ensure that you could capture fish in the confidence that you were practising proper fish care. However, during testing five times world champion Alan Scotthorne discovered that this mesh gave an unexpected side effect. Many of the carp he was landing would dive straight into the net without persuasion and he reasoned that the mesh must be so delicate that the fish were viewing it as an escape hole. Talk about an easy landing!

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