Drennan E-Sox Super Trace Pike Wire-Procastangling

Drennan E-Sox Super Trace Pike Wire

Drennan Double Strength 50m-Procastangling

Drennan Double Strength 50m

Drennan Double Strength 100m

- The first Japanese hi tech mono made widely available in the UK
- Excellent strength to diameter ratio
- This line is well known across all fishing disciplines
- Highly rated as an excellent hooklength for fishing on the surface
- Extremely soft and supple with a great Good knot strength

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Drennan’s Double Strength Line was the first monofilament line available in the UK that utilises Japanese hi-tech monofilament technology. It’s been on the market for over a decade – a credential that speaks highly of the line, considering the amount of different line types available – and it has references from top anglers from all disciplines. Available in a wide range of breaking strains between 1lb 4oz and 17lb, this line comes on both 100m and 50m spools.

With an excellent strength to diameter ratio, this line is exceptionally soft and supple. Offering a good knot strength, not only is the Drennan Double Strength able to be used effectively across all the angling disciplines but it is also ideal for use as a hooklength when you’re fishing on the surface for carp. It is also the perfect choice for most float and medium feeder situations, making this an incredibly versatile bit of kit.

An angling classic that has done the rounds on the both the professional and the pleasure circuit, the Drennan Double Strength is one line that anglers keep coming back to time and time again. With its low diameter, this line is powerful enough for casting distances yet soft and supple enough for playing fish when you need to. If you’re looking for a line that won’t let you down when it really matters, you need the Drennan Double Strength.

Drennan is one of the biggest companies on the European angling scene. From humble beginnings, producing balsawood floats from his mother’s garage, Peter Drennan has grown the brand to be one of the most respected in the country. Drennan now produces a huge range of tackle for the coarse and match fishing discipline, and it’s products like its Double Strength Line that prove time and time again why the brand name is synonymous with quality and innovation.

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