What are the best Fly Rods?

What are the best Fly Rods?

With over 150 years fishing experience in store we asked the team what the top fly rods of 2024 are likely to be. We have come up with the following list. We were aiming for 5 but couldn't totally agree and ended up with 8.

Greys Lance Fly Rod

The Lance series of single-handed fly rods is the perfect introduction to the Greys performance fly rod range. Manufactured with an intermediate modulus carbon fibre material the Lance delivers performance well above its price with standard features including high quality all-alloy reel seats, quality cork grips and alignment dots. This concise range of performance fly rods offers both novice and experienced anglers alike the opportunity to experience the Greys difference first hand. Here at Procastangling we stock 10 different sizes.

Vision Hero Fly Rod

Being a hero on the water doesn't mean you have to break the bank. These affordable medium-fast action fly rods have features for beginners and serious competition anglers alike, bringing a new level of performance to the entry-level category. All of the rods are fine-tuned for the type of fishing they are most likely used at. Whether you want to be a Super Hero on many types of waters, a Nymphing Hero or rule on Stillwaters these rods have the actions and components for the job.


Snowbee Diamond 2 Fly Rods

Since 1994 the name ‘Diamond Fly’ has been synonymous with Snowbee and has built a loyal following. Since then, the Diamond range has steadily evolved, to today’s range which incorporates the very latest thinking in fly rod design and material technology. The Snowbee Diamond 2 Fly Rods retain the same crisp, middle-to-tip action of their predecessors and still represent exceptional value for money for a rod of this quality. Using Snowbee’s well-tried ‘Tri-modulus carbon’ technology to produce a blank that is fast, crisp and light.


Shakespeare Oracle 2 Stillwater Fly Rod (Trout)

The ideal range of rods for the angler looking for a high-performance fast action rod in a convenient 4pc configuration at a price that won’t break the bank. With smart cosmetics and supplied in a practical carry tube the Oracle 2 still water range of rods carries a model for every scenario from intimate small still waters to drifting the mighty loughs.


Shakespeare Oracle II Spey Fly Rod (Salmon)

The perfect range of fly rods for use with full or multi tip style fly lines. Equipped with a slightly longer handle and designed with an action more suited to mid length fly line systems and supplied In a hard travel tube.


Snowbee Classic Series Fly Rod 

With its traditional style, striking, classic looks, and a comfortable feel that makes it enjoyable to use all day long, the Snowbee Classic Series Fly Rod is a fly fishing rod that weighs just 106g. This gives you effortless casting, and allows juniors to get a feel for fly fishing without reaching the point of fatigue too quickly. With sensitive tips backing up the exceptional casting performance, this rod is equally suited to rivers and small still waters, and is a good option if you’re looking to buy your first fly rod, or give a gift to an enthusiastic novice. It’s also an affordable choice that still offers reliable performance with a quality feel that fly fishers of all levels of experience will appreciate.

Greys GR60 Fly Rod 

The GR60 series is an extensive range of modern high-performance fly rods that are the first to utilise Grey's new cutting edge Toreon nano blank technology. These blanks are seriously ahead of the game being lighter and stronger than standard carbon fibre blanks, pushing feel and performance to levels that couldn't before be achieved. They come in a stunning black satin finish for a deluxe feel and appearance meeting the standards we have grown to expect from Greys. The blanks feature line up indicators printed onto them for quick and hassle-free assembly.

The rods feature a two-tone aluminium reel seat with a carbon spacer to keep your reel securely in place and prevent it from damaging the cork when secured tightly. The handles are made out of premium AAA grade cork with a smooth and delicate grip for true and precise casts and include composite tipping for increased rigidity and further protection. The rods themselves have a 4 piece construction allowing them to be packed down and stored safely. They come supplied in a soft cloth rod bag and a hard protective rod tube with a screw cap. The Greys GR60 Fly Rod is available in a wide selection of models that you can choose from using our drop-down menu. Take your time to choose the model that best suits your fishing situation and let the rod do the rest. 


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